For Physicians

Patient Referrals to the Mass General Dystonia Clinic

Movement disorders can sometimes be very difficult to diagnose. Many patients come to the neurology department at Massachusetts General Hospital for additional diagnostic evaluations after seeing neurologists outside of the hospital.

Upon visiting the Dystonia Clinic, new patients undergo a comprehensive evaluation that can include a thorough clinical assessment, laboratory testing, cognitive evaluation and brain imaging. These capabilities—along with the experience and expertise of our on-staff neurologists—allow us to make quick and accurate diagnoses.

Once we have established the diagnosis, we are happy to provide ongoing care at our clinic or in collaboration with the patient’s primary care physician or neurologist. In addition, we can make referrals to other specialists at Mass General for further testing or treatment when appropriate.

To refer a patient to the Dystonia Clinic at Mass General, please call 617-643-2083, or visit the Dystonia Clinic website.

Research Study Enrollment

The Center supports ongoing research studies in dystonia. Download the attached letter (PDF) if you have a patient with X-linked dystonia-parkinsonism (XDP) or another form of dystonia who might be interested in participating.

We do not give results as part of the research study. If a research participant has symptoms for which clinical genetic testing is recommended, the genetic counselor who works on our research study staff can help facilitate that. Please share our IRB-approved study brochure with your patients.
Download brochure (PDF)

If you have further questions about the study please contact our Study Coordinator, Trisha Multhaupt-Buell, by email at 

Training Opportunities

The Center for XDP supports training opportunities at[AAK1]  Mass General or in the Philippines for clinicians interested in learning about the care and treatment of XDP and other forms of dystonia. For more information, please contact Amy Alessi, PhD at